There Is No Such Thing Called Balanced Life

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Often we get advice from our family & friends, “Balance your work-life to have a successful career”.

When I entered the world of technology I often got caught-up in 24/7 operational support. I was constantly getting pulled into critical incidents in the middle of the night.

When I got married & had kids I started feeling as if I am working as a juggler. I used to think, “My life is not balanced & I need to work on that.” But it never happened. I tried going back home on time and spending quality time with family but it started affecting my work.

If you look at your career closely you will agree with me that magic doesn't happen in the middle, whether you are in a job or running a business. It always happens at the extremes. Unless you put your 100% and many times even more — you don’t get the desired result. You need to go that extra mile to make it work.

The problem is we have so many priorities on any given day. Every day we try to find enough time for our never-ending TO-DO List for work, family, physical health, spiritual & mental health, and so on….. We try to find enough time for everything. We try not to say no to anyone. But then everything suffers.

So what is the best way then?….

Look out for Counterbalance & not Balance

Gary Keller clearly described in his book The One Thing. While you need to go to extremes to be successful, you need to identify the one thing that you want to do 100% every day. Focus on that one thing till it gets completed.

Our life is more like the person trying to balance himself on a rope. If you look closely he is not balanced. But actually, he is trying to counterbalance whenever he is getting out of the balance — while his main focus is to move ahead. If he tries to focus on balance all the time he can’t move ahead.

Our life works on the same principle. We need to keep the focus on our main thing while keep taking small actions to counterbalance rest.

Do not work with a 9 to 5 mentality. If you have your major task which is taking longer — stretch your time till it gets completed. That’s how you achieve results. Not by sticking to the 9 to 5 model.

We don’t need to put an equal amount of time into every priority. Bring your to-do list down to The One Thing that is most important for the day & focus on it first. You can go to the next once your highest priority job is done.

While the majority of your time spent should be on that one thing every day. Counter Balance rest of your time spending with Family, Friends & your Physical & Mental Health.

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